Hello! I'm Maia Rachel, an artist and surface designer.
My artwork combines digital and hands-on techniques in a vibrant and cheerful style. I am passionate about making art that inspires creativity, spreads positivity, and motivates others.
In my creative practice, I explore hand-lettering, paper collage, pattern design, digital painting, line art drawing, and monoprinting with a gel plate.
Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, I am currently living in St. Louis, MO. I have a BA in Digital Media and Fine Art from Pitzer College, and my background is in graphic design with a focus in print design. You can view my graphic design portfolio here: www.InspireInkDesigns.com.
I am always finding new sources of inspiration; I am enthralled with nature, geometry, ornate architecture, and antiques. When I am not in my studio, I enjoy exploring nature, going to museums, swing dancing, and listening to music.​​​​
Let's connect! Please contact me with any questions or to discuss working together. Looking forward to hearing from you!